The Markfield Beam Engine and Museum is located in Markfield Park and the site consists of the remains of the Tottenham sewage treatment works and pumping station. The works were operational for over one hundred years until 1964, when all the incoming sewers were diverted to the extended East Middlesex Works at Deephams.

It is bounded by the railway track to the north, while the River Lee Navigation forms the eastern boundary. The area of the site is approximately 2.5 hectares.

Major features remaining of the old sewage works include the remains of the concrete walls of the original settlement tanks and filter beds; which have been sypathetically incorporated in the landscaping of the site, and the original pump houses, one of which contains the Beam Pumping Engine.

The Beam Engine House has been fully renovated and restored as originally built and both the Beam Engine and Engine House are Grade II listed. All areas of the site are disabled accessable, including toilets.

Adjacent to the Engine House is the cafe and patio area